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RxEspanol is an affiliated website of The KeepSober Foundation. Our focus is on hispanics teens that may be at risk of developing an addiction....alcohol, dugs and gambling.

We develop and depoy web centric education and early intervention programs for:

  • Worokplaces to identify signs and symptoms of workers at risk
  • Courts to refer to a first level of intervention for offenders
  • Special hispanic population groups


Why RxTeens?

This is a world where people stay connected using the internet. Studies have shown that hispanic are more honest over the internet than face to face. Plus there are special groups of hispanics at risk based on language, culture and socio-economic status.

Partner with RxTeens

KeepSober is a licensed Level 0.5 Education and Early Intervention tele-behavioral health provider. We have the expertise and experience to develop, deploy and support tele-behavioral heath programs for substance abuse. If you have an interest that you want to fund or participate in contact us at 410-600-2072, email